Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 & 2011

Happy New Year!

I made 16 quilts this year and a handful of other crafts, too.

Here is the status of the sewing goals I made for 2010:

1) Donate another quilt to a worthy cause in 2010.
Completed in October!
2) Experiment more with circles and curves in quilts. I made several circle quilts (here here and here) and loved how they turned out.
3) Sew a child's dress (rolled over from 2009 goals).
I didn't do this. Again. Something about sewing clothing makes me nervous. I think I just need to jump in and go for it.
4) Make a quilt with little houses.
I haven't made this, but January is my month for the quilting bee I'm in and I requested little houses - so hopefully I'll will make a house quilt with a little help from friends!
5) Attempt a values quilt, maybe using this tutorial (or something similar).
I made two (here and here).
6) Make something with buttons - maybe this or this.
Nope. Still want to.
7) Check out my local quilt guild.
I joined my guild and became the librarian, too!

For 2011, I'm hoping to stretch my wings a little bit with some new-to-me projects. I still love quilts, so I'm sure won't stray far. I don't have any specific goals (aside from the unfinished ones listed above), but I'm excited to see what inspires me this year.

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