Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Quilt

Another baby quilt! This is a quilt for another of my husband's cousins - the younger sister of the cousin mentioned in this post. Two babies due within just a few weeks of each other. Since this baby's gender is a surprise, I decided to use the same gender-neutral fabrics, but with a different design. I love these colors!

The circles are attached with a small zigzag stitch and then the entire quilt is stippled.

The backing is a orange, peach, and pink gingham and the binding is a soft blue (the same binding as the first quilt, too).

I loved this one with the sun coming from behind - my "assistant's" silhouette is adorable, don't you think?


Evelyn said...

It's gorgeous!! I so want to make a quilt like this some day!

Hannah said...

Looks like a lot of top stiching! i love the colours! =)


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