Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. One of the first things we did when we moved into our house was plant hydrangeas. Last year was pretty good, but this year is amazing! I have SO many blooms and a great variety of colors.

 I think I have about 100 blooms right now, with more coming! They make me so so so happy.
 These ones are my favorite - I love that the colors varies from one side to the other. 

In other (sewing) news, I have lots of projects in the works. I'm close to finishing two baby quilts so I'll have more updates soon. In the meantime, I'll be hanging out with my hydrangeas in the backyard.  : )

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Stars Quilt

 My first quilt finish in a loooooong time! A cute little star quilt made with half-square triangles.

 I quilted this in 1/2" lines. I wasn't up for free motion quilting so I decided to do something quick and easy. HA! These lines took forever - about a minute per line, which adds up to a lot of minutes!  : )  It was pretty boring to quilt (stipple quilting is much more fun), but I do really like how it turned out.
 The backing is a very soft flannel and the binding is a cute turquoise.

 The fabric is Freshcut by Heather Bailey, an old favorite.
It felt really good to finish a quilt. I'd like to do that again soon. :P

This is quilt #70 that I've made! You can view all of my quilts by clicking here. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Playing with Clay

Sorry for the long blog break... truth be told, I have really been struggling with health issues. Just getting through the day is so hard right now and haven't been particularly inspired to create anything. But... I am working to change that! I need to feel more like "me," so I am trying to do little things to get back to that girl who had a million projects going and was always making something.

Luckily, my friend Kim showed me this idea from A Beautiful Mess (found on Pinterest, of course!). I ordered the clay on Amazon and got to work. Here are just a few of the pieces I've made over the last few weeks.

These first ones used white, silver, dark purple, and bright purple clay.

I ended up with a "series" of three of them.
 I also tried one with blue instead of gray (I made two of these and gifted one to a friend for her birthday).
Then I just needed COLOR and decided to use a rainbow. Here's the picture of the first step of mixing the clay. LOVE these colors. 
And here's the final bowl. It's very bright and fun.  

 I love the edges on this one.
 I have quite a collection, as you can see. I've been using them as jewelry holders and for office supplies. Soon I'll have them all over my house, they are really quite addicting to make and the perfect 30 minute project for me right now.

I also have a quilt waiting to be quilted, so don't give up on me or my little blog. I'm getting back to the old me...

And if you can take a minute to pray, hope, or cross your fingers for my health, I need all the help I can get!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Newest Addition to My Sewing Room

I made a scrappy fabric wreath today! It will be added to the door of my sewing room and I LOVE it (although it was quite tedious to make!). It is a combination of some solid cotton fabric and scraps from my many vintage sheet quilts

Monday, October 6, 2014


I made a bunch of baby bibs (and managed to scare both my husband and my dad into thinking I'm pregnant! I'm not). I'm selling these bibs for $5 each. Feel free to email me if you're interested. They're all cotton and reversible. And cute. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Purple & Gray Pillow

This purple and gray pillow was made using the remaining squares from this cute quilt

Purple is my favorite color (right now - it changes often), so I naturally love this little pillow.  : ) 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Chair Makeover

 My dad gave me this chair, which had been refinished and recovered somewhere around the time of my birth, I believe. After thirty-something years, it was definitely in need of an update.

I found this funky purple (my current favorite color) fabric at Joann's and thought it would be an unexpected pop for this old chair. 
My husband actually did the labor for me. I think it turned out so well! You may recall, he's pretty good at making furniture look amazing!
And if I'm taking pictures, my little ham wants to be in there!
 Here's a before & after........ pretty big difference!
Now to just decide where in this house this "new" chair wants to live. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Boy Applique T-shirts

I haven't been sewing much, but I did spend some time this week making some new shirts for my "baby" boy who begins Kindergarten next week. He's wears around a 4t, and I find myself struggling to find boy's t-shirts at this age that aren't very loud designs. We like mellow. And cute. Like this little airplane with the button on the prop. I love it!
And a new "5" shirt to celebrate his birthday in a few weeks. His "4" shirt and orange truck shirt from last year have definitely been well-loved. 

And because he still looooves orange, I made him an orange tie shirt. Fun and funny for all of Kindergarten's events where formal dress is required.  ; ) 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Square in a Square Summer House Quilt

I finished a quilt today!
This is made with Moda's "Summer House" fabric. I love these colors! 

I quilted it with free-motion stipple quilting - my favorite!
The binding is a cute wood-grain in turquoise. 
And the back is a super soft pink damask flannel. So cozy!


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