Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink & Orange Bubbles

This quilt ended up being NOTHING like I planned. It had a mind of it's own and I'm so glad I gave in and went with it... I love where we ended up!

This is a quilt for my dear friend Kelly who has blessed me with her design talents on this blog, my photography website and photography blog, and numerous family projects as well. She is now expecting her second child and I am absolutely thrilled for her. This sweet "bubble" quilt combines some modern designer fabrics with some beautiful vintage florals, too.

This quilt uses raw-edge circles, sewn in place with a zigzag stitch. After a few washings, the edges of the circles fray just a bit, giving a soft, well-loved look to the quilt.

I quilted this one with a series of horizontal lines. Again, this wasn't what I originally planned for this quilt, but something pulled me in this direction. The lines at the top of the quilt start about 1" apart, then grow to 2" and finally 3" apart. It looks and feels great and I'm adding this to my favorites, for sure!

This is a picture before washing - with the blue fabric ink in the lines, I thought it'd be a little easier to see the stitches. Again, these are 1", 2", and 3" apart.

Kelly loves Strawberry Shortcake and has shared with me plans to use some vintage SS to decorate the baby's room. So when I saw this vintage fabric online, I knew it would be the perfect backing for this quilt.

The fabric was actually a very bright white, so my darling husband dyed it for me in the kitchen sink. Looked scary, but it actually came out just the perfect shade of off-white.

The binding is a pink/yellow/orange dot that gives it just a little bit of "oomph" around the edges.

I hope mom and baby will love the quilt as much as I do.

Those who sleep under a quilt sleep under a blanket of love.


Evelyn said...

I love this quilt! It's so beautiful. I want to make one just like it. :-) And you were so brave to dye the backing fabric, but it looks just perfect. Kelly is a lucky friend!

JB and Jane said...

It is beautiful!! Lovely job.

Stephanie said...

It's beautiful. You have a super lucky friend :)

Kel said...

Insonmia and being kept awake by uncomfortable contractions has encouraged me to catch up on your blogs . I LOVE the baby quilt so much. I want to sleep with it :) actually, i think i should so baby can smell my scent :) you are awesome Jodie and so super talented. I love all of your creations, especially mine :) thanks to Russ for the dye job. I had no idea.


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