Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animal Stripes

The quilt guild I belong to collects quilts and donates them to children who are placed with Child Protective Services. The quilts are meant to offer a little bit of warmth and comfort to a child in distress. I made this animal stripes quilt (suitable for a boy or a girl) and donated it today. I hope that it will offer a little bit of love to a child who needs it.

It's made from a jelly roll I picked up at Joann's a long time ago (with some polka dots added because it so needed polka dots - doesn't everything?).

The backing is more of the blue and green fabric I've used in several other projects.

I used a satin pre-made binding someone gave me a while back. It feels very soft and looks nice, but WOW was it a pain in the neck! I will not be using this again - my feed dogs snagged on it, my binding clips didn't work on the slippery fabric, and even pinning it didn't work all that well.

Binding issues aside, I think it turned out cute. It's a nice size for a child and I hope whoever receives it will find comfort and security in this quilt.

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