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Friday, May 16, 2014

Airplane Toddler Quilt

I completed a quilt this week! I made this for a friend's little boy who is transitioning into a toddler bed. I forgot to measure it, but I think it's about 36 x 48" (the blocks are all 12" squares). 

Each of the airplanes are a little different, appliqued with scrap fabrics in blue, brown, yellow, and green, with a few pops of orange and red. 

I loved the stipple quilting, it made me think the airplanes were flying around.  : ) 
The binding is a cute brown polka dot. 

And the back is a super soft blue and brown flannel. 

I hope little L loves his new quilt!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bubble Quilt for Baby A

A few months ago, our very good friends had their second daughter. Meet Baby A.

This "bubble quilt" for A is made with a variety of fabrics, including this cute bird fabric I had used on her big sister's quilt a few years ago.

The back is a very soft flannel with a sweet bunny print. Love!
To view all of my completed quilts, grab a cup of coffee and click here!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Patchwork and Tree Quilt

Another quilt finished today! I love me some vintage linens. 
The cute tree was an extra block leftover from my tree quilt. And the 5" patchwork around is has a variety of beautiful and soft vintage linens. 

 The backing is a larger print vintage sheet. 
The binding is the only non-vintage fabric - a cute gray swirl cotton.
 The quilting is straight lines framing each of the 5" patchwork squares. 

This quilt measures about 30x40 inches and is for sale! Please contact me if you'd like details. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

T-Shirt Applique for Mothers of Preschoolers (Mops)

This year, I am volunteering to help with my local Mothers of Preschoolers (Mops) group.
Our leadership group opted to make our own Mops t-shirts. I helped instruct them how to applique the letters and then I sewed 6 of the shirts (two ladies sewed down their own letters - thank goodness because it ended up taking about 30 minutes/shirt just for the sewing!). But they turned out cute so it was worth it! 

We used scraps from my quilting piles and each shirt was different, depending on the colors the mom was drawn to. And here are all eight of us in our shirts. Yay for Mops! 

We spent the weekend at the coast planning the Mops meetings for the next session. It was SO much fun to get away with these ladies and we made some great memories. And there's nothing as lovely as a weekend at the coast.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Matthew!

My "baby" boy turned 4 this week. One of the things he asked for was a shirt with an orange truck on it. Specific? Luckily his mama knows how to sew, so we made this little truck and even added a passenger to the back. When I gave it to him, he got a big smile and said "super duper, mommy!" I guess it's a hit? 
I also made him a "4" shirt a few weeks ago. It's been hanging in his room and everyday he's asked, "Am I four yet?" The morning of his birthday, he was so excited when I finally said "YES!" 
We had a swim party at our neighbor's house. I didn't do a lot of decorating, but did make a cute invite and some Happy Birthday signs to hang near the pool and patio. 

 He had a blast and loved when we sang to him. 

 Happy birthday to my sweet boy! You make every day more entertaining and I've never felt so loved. I can't wait to see what four will bring us!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day of School

 Today is the last day of school! Here are my "babies" and their transformations. It amazes me how much they grow and change during one school year. We loved all of their teachers and really did have a wonderful year of preschool and 1st grade. And now... it's time to dig in on that Summer List!

We do traditional first- and last-day of school pictures, but I always try to have them wear the same clothes so we can really see the comparison. 
 My son's school has a lot of teachers and this year the parents pooled their money to give them a few little gifts and gift cards. Nothing homemade... but maybe next year? 

But for my daughter's teacher, I made this little customized canvas bag. I think it will be pretty handy and I love the floral fabric my daughter chose for the letters. 
Happy Summer! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Tree

My friend Elizabeth is having a birthday today and I made her a little tree pillow to celebrate. I hope she loves it!

I'm not tired of making these trees yet! You can see all the tree objects I've made by clicking here (pillow #2) and here (pillow #1) and here (pillow #3) and here (pillow #4) and here (table runner).

Monday, March 18, 2013

Scrappy Rainbow Quilt

On St. Patrick's Day, I made a little rainbow quilt. I loved my little piles of colorful scraps. 

It's about 20 inches square and will be a wall hanging, although I'm not sure where yet. 

Am I the only one who feels like there's zero breeze until I attempt to photograph a quilt? 

The colors of the rainbow are made with small squares (about ¾- 1 ½") and quilted with matching thread in an arch shape. 

Above the rainbow is quilted with big loops (to look like clouds in my mind). 
And below, the quilting mimics the arch of the rainbow and some little hills and landscape shapes. 

The back is rainbow polka dots on white and it turned out to be pretty fun with the colors of the thread I used for the quilting. 

I think the back is almost as fun as the front... 

... almost...   ; ) 

My love of rainbows goes back to when I was a little girl. I love this quilt and I think (?) I am done with rainbows for a little while, after several projects in a row! We will see!  : )

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Turn for Bee Vintage

March is my month in the Bee Vintage quilting bee and I’m excited to share my idea with you. I want to make a tree quilt! Below are some photos I've found for inspiration. 

My “rules” for the ladies are simple: I've asked for a plain white cotton for a background the finished block to measure 12.5.” Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the trees do not need to be all green! I’d prefer they use a variety of sheets – I love blues, purples, greens, and pinks. I’m not crazy about yellow, orange, red, or brown. 

Here's the tree I made for my soon-to-be quilt (the trunk is charcoal gray, although it looks a little dark in this picture):
Vintage Sheets Tree Quilt Block

And here are some examples of completed quilts and the idea I am going for:

tree quilt


And some ideas for individual trees:

These two have to be my favorites – I looooove these!
Mosaic Tree & Hexagon Tree

Here’s a bunch of cute ideas:
Tree block inspiration mosaic

Another cute idea:
Mod Trees Quilt Block

This one is so cute with little circles:

I am SO excited to see what everyone comes up with!! I was so impressed with the wonky house blocks that were made a few years ago.


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