Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blue & Green Circles

The blue and green circle quilt, inspired by the tutorial at Make it... a Wonderful Life, is finally done!

Detail of some of the circles - all raw edges sewn down with a zig-zag stitch.

My favorite is this fabric with the little houses and trees - I bought this on Etsy and it actually came from Hong-Kong. My first international purchase! (And maybe my last... it took forever to arrive!)

The border is pieced from the remaining fabrics - love how this turned out and it wasn't as much trouble as I thought it would be.

The inside is stipple quilted, the borders are not. I like the way it makes the quilt "pop" and I love the crinkly goodness.

The binding and backing is the same fabric from the carseat quilt. And I still have A BUNCH left, so I imagine you'll be seeing more of it in future projects.

This is my first pieced back - using some of the leftovers from the borders. It's not very dramatic, but it works. Although... I do have to admit it's a little crooked. How do you get them to line up straight?


I love this one and can't wait to snuggle up in it this evening.

And you know what? I have a clean slate right now, no unfinished projects (at the moment... give me an hour or two!).


Jessica said...

It's beautiful! I especially love how the few large-scale circles really pop against the others. That backing fabric is awesome!

Evelyn said...

It's gorgeous! I love all the fabrics, and especially the back. You make the most wonderful quilts!!

Stacy Cross said...

Um . . . you are GOOD . . . and I am jealous! I want to be a quilter!!! :)

Unknown said...

Just saw this post at Red Pepper Quilts about lining up backing with quilt top:


Great idea!

sallgood said...

Hi! I just found your quilt, and I'm so glad to see that my tutorial was helpful! LOVE your beautiful quilt!!!


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