Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Button Tree

button craft holiday tree

I think, by now, I've established my love of buttons. I don't use them for a whole lot, really, but I adore them and collect (hoard?) them. Well this Christmas, I used a big chunk of my green buttons to make this little Christmas tree. I think it took a little less than 200 pins and buttons and less than an hour to make. 
button craft holiday tree christmas tree
 I started with a basic (and cheap!) styrofoam tree form from Michaels. Simply stuck a pin through a button and kept going and going and going, using the smaller buttons to fill in between. Easy! The kids actually helped quite a bit, too (with only one minor poke that didn't even draw blood!). It will be on a shelf with this mercury glass owl I found at Home Goods last year. button christmas tree
button craft holiday treeThis is a very easy craft. The only tip I'd suggest is to pay attention to the angle you put the pins in at the top and the bottom so you don't poke all the way through the top of the tree or out the bottom of the tree. 

I think this would also be adorable in all white buttons with colored pins or a variety of colors with white pins. Choices choices choices. 


Donna said...

Really cute!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I have two styrofoam tree forms for the last few years meant to make one of those and one yo yo tree. Still not done.

Sarah Summerlin said...

I absolutely love this idea! I have a TON of buttons so I'll be making one of these this December.


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