Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Year and Next

My 2009 progress report:

1) I'd like to make a total of twelve quilts in 2009. Success! I actually completed 15 this year!
2) Learn how to make an applique of an animal or a monogram on a quilt or quilt back. Success! I made a lots of things using applique - including some cute burp cloths, a small applique on a baby quilt, and a tree pillow and table runner that I l-o-v-e.
3) Learn how to do free motion stippling on a quilt. Success! Completed and thrilled about this one!
4) Practice appliqueing on a child's t-shirt. Success! I used applique to make a "big sister" tee for my daughter and announce our pregnancy family and friends.
5) Sew a dress or a skirt for my daughter. Nope... need to add this to 2010's list.
6) Find a better way to photograph my quilts. Pinning them to the wall just isn't cutting it. Success!
7) Make a Christmas quilt or a table runner before the 2009 Holidays. Success! I made a table runner in time for Thanksgiving and a Christmas quilt just in the nick of time for Santa.

2009 brought with it lots of new sewing and crafting experiences for me. It also brought me a new baby to sew for - and boy did I ever! I love tip toeing in to both of my children's bedrooms late at night and seeing them sleeping soundly under the quilts I have made.

For 2010, I have a few additional goals to set for myself. However, I have decided not to create a goal of a specific number of quilts like I did in 2009. I don't think I need that for motivation - I'd just like to see where the year takes me. Some of my other goals:

1) Donate another quilt to a worthy cause in 2010.
2) Experiment more with circles and curves in quilts.
3) Sew a child's dress (rolled over from 2009 goals).
4) Make a quilt with little houses.
5) Attempt a values quilt, maybe using this tutorial (or something similar).
6) Make something with buttons - maybe this or this.
7) Check out my local quilt guild.

Here's looking forward to a new year and decade and lots of crafting and creating to come!

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