Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turtle Burp Cloth

I cannot believe how long this burp cloth took me. I have very little experience with applique, but decided I'd love to make this cute turtle on a burp cloth. It's a store-bought cloth diaper, so I didn't make the entire thing, just the critter out of scrap fabrics and then added the light green binding around the edge (leftover from the Tulip Quilt). It took sooooo long - well over an hour for something that my child will literally be vomiting on. That just cracks me up.

I have some other ideas for embellished burp cloths, but I'm not sure if I'll try again and see if I can speed up the process. I may as well have just made a quilt! :) Funny.


Miss_Oakden said...

aww this is really cute, have you tried bondaweb or one of those to help you applique????

BTW you cracked me up making something for your son to be sick on! lol.

Well done on the perseverance though and completing it!

Kelly O. said...

Oh I really think it's worth it! Look at it! It's sooo cute!


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