Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tough Week + School Donations

This has been a very difficult week for me. My beloved cat, George, passed away on Tuesday. He's been my sidekick for over 16 years and our house seems very, very empty without him here. I didn't realize how much emotional support he gave me and losing him has been very painful. He's been my "therapy dog" in dealing with my illness. I miss him so, so much. Losing a pet is difficult enough, but processing that grief with my kids has been unbearable. Hopefully this will all get easier with time. 

Moving on to happier subjects, here is quilt #82. This is a baby sized B&W quilt for my children's school fundraiser. I had my son (age 8) layout the blocks, so he was the designer. I love B&W quilts for babies... such a fun contrast for their brand new eyes and a nice way to make a gender-neutral quilt. 
The binding and backing are both B&W tiny polka dots. The quilting is straight-line quilting on either side of the seams. 

My other child's class theme is "baseball." I made this wooden crate using vinyl lettering. We're not a baseball family, but I pictured this being good for home decor or storage for gloves/balls/cleats? 

I also painted a baseball-themed pumpkin. Hopefully all of these items will raise some much-needed funds for the classrooms. 

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