Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Snapshots Quilt

In 2015, this quilt pattern was released as a fundraiser for St. Jude's. I LOVE St. Jude's and the blocks for this quilt are all things that I love. It's taken me forever to complete it, for one reason or another. But this week I did complete my quilt, which is a little different version of the original. I chose six of the twelve blocks and used my favorite fabrics, in my favorite colors.

The teapot is perfect, I drink a lot of tea and coffee. I own a photography business and photos are among my most prized possessions (quits are another!). Obviously the sewing machine is significant in my life. I have had a lifelong obsession with hot air balloons, since I was a little girl. We actually rode in a hot air balloon on our honeymoon. The cake block I love because cake is one of my favorite foods. And the wine glass? I love wine and grew up in the wine country (Sonoma County, California). Like I said, the blocks of these quilts were SO perfect for me personally. 
The back is a vintage camera print from Hobby Lobby. One of my favorites (I also used in on Melody's quilt a couple of years ago). 

And I completed it one week before my birthday, so happy birthday to me! February marked 10 years since I made my first quilt. This is quilt #81 (see them all here). I had planned to do a full photo "shoot" and blog post to recognize a decade of quilting, which I have loved so much. But my plans and time got away from me, so here is my ten-year tribute. Me in a photo with my new favorite quilt!  :) 

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