Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day of School

 Today is the last day of school! Here are my "babies" and their transformations. It amazes me how much they grow and change during one school year. We loved all of their teachers and really did have a wonderful year of preschool and 1st grade. And now... it's time to dig in on that Summer List!

We do traditional first- and last-day of school pictures, but I always try to have them wear the same clothes so we can really see the comparison. 
 My son's school has a lot of teachers and this year the parents pooled their money to give them a few little gifts and gift cards. Nothing homemade... but maybe next year? 

But for my daughter's teacher, I made this little customized canvas bag. I think it will be pretty handy and I love the floral fabric my daughter chose for the letters. 
Happy Summer! 

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