Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bee Vintage Quilting Bee : May Block #1

I joined another online quilting bee. This is another vintage linens group - my favorites! This bee is set up a little differently than the first one I joined - two blocks per month for two different ladies. Here's the first one - stacked coins. 
My daughter helped me iron some of the pieces and pick out the colors. It was tough for her not to pick ALL pink, but once we got a little variety, I think it turned out lovely. I hope Jenny likes it, too!

I'll be making the 2nd May block soon - it's a "Circle of Geese" block that is a little intimidating. I'm sure once I jump in and get started, all will be fine, but I am still a little nervous. This is definitely a project I need to tackle when I can concentrate without children underfoot. 

Oh... and my month for the bee is September. I have a few ideas already and I can't wait!

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