Friday, May 17, 2013

Secret Sister

The mother's group I am in organizes a secret sister gift exchange. Our big "reveal" was today, so I can show the gifts I had made for my secret sister this year. I don't think she's a blog reader (?), but just in case I hadn't posted any of these as to not spoil the surprise. 

First was a little ceramic sign. I actually somehow didn't get a picture of the finished one, but here's almost finished. Their last name + the year they were married. 

Homemade sugar scrub. Super easy to make - just use white and brown sugar, mix in olive or coconut oil and add a fragrance you like. I used lavender. Scrub your hands, rinse with water, and enjoy the inexpensive, homemade manicure.  : )
 And lastly, a knitted scarf. Kind of silly in this area since we are at the beginning of a good 4+ months of heat, but maybe she will go to the coast or somewhere and be able to use it.  
I don't remember the brand of yarn I used, but it was from Michaels. I love the turquoise color with just a little bit of purple to make it interesting. 

To wrap it up, I rolled the scarf into a ball and tied it with another short piece of yard. Pretty!

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Rita said...

This scarf is so pretty. I'd love to make one. Could I have the pattern?


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