Thursday, May 9, 2013

Traveling: Carry-On Bag

We travel quite a bit. Between camping, visiting family, and mini-vacations, we are on-the-go quite frequently (and we love it!). I feel like I've gotten the packing thing down to an art form (although I still have room to improve on the quantity of "stuff" it takes for our family to be away from home... another story for another day!). One of my favorite bags to bring along is what I've always called my "carry-on bag." Granted, 99% of our travels do not involve flying, but the name has stuck anyway.
I made this bag yesterday to use as my new carry-on bag for our road trips. It's about 15"x13" and is reversible. 
The straps are about ¾" wide. 
 My carry on bag is my stuff to do in the car. Magazines, books, ipad, and knitting. This bag is just the perfect size.
 It came together in less than an hour and feels pretty durable. Now I just need a little trip to "test it out..."  : )

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