Friday, March 29, 2013

Treasures from the Coast

We traveled to the coast last week to enjoy a little getaway during Spring Break (photos at the end of the post). While we were there, we visited a really cool antique store in Arroyo Grande, CA. I spotted this cool aqua toolbox and fell in love. Unfortunately, it just wasn't in my budget. I happened to mention it to my mother-in-law's boyfriend and he happened to point it out to her when they visited the antique store later in the week. And guess what? She bought it for me as an early birthday and Easter gift. I've been so excited to set it up in my sewing room to hold some of my tools and treasures. The star quilt will need to move up a bit so it's not blocked, but I just couldn't wait to share pictures so here you go. Imagine the quilt is moved up a bit, okay?  : )
The top shelf is the perfect size for my thread stash. 

The middle shelf is now home to my rainbow of buttons and the bottom shelf is organizing my next projects. 
 I just think it's such a fun and funky way to organize some of my sewing stuff! Thank to you my mother-in-law - you made my day!
And here's our family taking advantage of the nice coast weather and letting the kids play at one of the fun parks at Pismo Beach. 

My daughter (on the left) with a cousin and a friend on a nature hike and checking out some of the many deer in the area. 

My kids on an adventurous hike to a waterfall. For little legs, they did a great job navigating some very steep and slippery paths......
 ... with only a little bit of help from Daddy. 

Happy camper!
We got home from our trip and made a quick trip to the Fresno Zoo with some of the cousins.
 If you haven't seen the new Sea Lion exhibit, you should go - it's awesome!
More coming soon - I've been crafting a bunch, but a lot of my projects are gifts and can't be posted for a few more weeks. 

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Anonymous said...

What a great toolbox, and I love how you are using it. I am still in love with your vintage sheet quilt....someday in my spare time;-)
blessings, jill


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