Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas with Family

A few pictures from my last couple of weeks. My dad and step-mom came to visit last weekend. We had an early Christmas with them and took some family pictures. 
My kids were SO cooperative and I was quite grateful. The sun was setting and we only had a few minutes to get some shots. I love this picture of my dad with his grand-babies. 
And my stepmom with M&M. 

And me and my dad. 

And, because they were being so cooperative, I couldn't resist getting one of my kids together. Cutie pies. 
This weekend was our annual Christmas party with my in-laws. Here's a self-timer photo of the four of us before the party (we hosted this year). 

I used pipe cleaners, red fuzzy balls, and googlie eyes to make "rein-beers" for the party. They were a hit. 

And I also made a pillow for the party. We do a gift exchange for the adults and someone had suggested I make one of these pillows. It turned out pretty cute and went home with the recipient of this pillow from last year. Now she has a momma and a baby tree pillow.  : )
You can see all the tree objects I've made by clicking here (pillow #2) and here (pillow #1) and here (pillow #3) and here (table runner).

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