Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pillows for Sara

This week was my best friend's 30th birthday. I can't believe how OLD she is (haha... I'm kidding - she's a whopping three weeks older than me, so this time each year I get to remind her how OLD she is). Anyway, given that she is my oldest (haha) and best friend, I wanted to make her something special for her day.

The first is a tree pillow just like mine. But... instead of just any old scraps, I used mainly scraps from her two baby quilts (see here and here), so I like to think of this is sort of a family tree.

This one is made with Amy Butler's Love fabric, which is the perfect name because I LOVE these colors and patterns. I also have a quilt in the works with this same design... hopefully it will be completed very soon!

And hopefully Sara enjoys her 30th year and all of her little blessings. They are soooo cute.

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