Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scrappy String Quilt

I finished my string quilt yesterday! I decided to make it a "bed runner" - a small narrow quilt to lay across the foot of the bed. This will actually be for our guest bed, but since that is in storage until the house is done, I photographed it on our bed instead. The guest bedroom will be right off the living room area, so I will be able to see this quilt every day and enjoy the colors. And our guest bedding is a solid white quilt, so this will be a nice punch of color.

This is my 50th quilt! To view them all, grab a cup of coffee and click here.
The backing is a blue& white floral vintage sheet and the binding is a fun royal blue swirl pattern.
Stipple quilted for the crinkly look I love.
It's about 74" long and about 24" wide.
While I was preparing the binding, I had the quilt laid out on the floor. I left the room and came back to find this big lump - our cat! It made me laugh - he had burrowed himself underneath the quilt.
I read this quote from Rebecca Puig in the Jan 2012 issue of "Where Women Create." Love this!
And last but NOT least, a picture of my soon-to-be sewing room! The big pieces of our house are complete - now it's on to the painting and finishing touches. The room is about 10.5 x 12.5' with a full-sized closet. I've always sewn in our dining room so I can't wait to feel what it's like to have ample space and storage and a DOOR to close when I need to escape my children or hide the mess from my latest project(s).
Yesterday our cabinets were installed and our doors were hung! This room may be one that I am most looking forward to... I daydream about it several times a day. Only a few more weeks (hopefully!).

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alioop said...

Jodie seeing your lovely quilts I am curious how you do your binding on them. Is it machine sewn front and back. I like the look of the longer edge on the back of the quilt.


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