Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More String Blocks

I'm still plugging away at this project, and still unsure where it's going to end up (wall hanging? table runner? quilt? no idea...). I am using lots of my scrap fabrics and that is very rewarding. Plus this object will remind me of so many of my past quilts, I think it will be very happy to look at.
I timed myself this afternoon to see how long these blocks are taking. Since I went through and pre-cut and pre-ironed all the strips, the blocks go together pretty quickly - averaging about 12 minutes per block. That means I can sew about four of them during my son's nap and still have time to do other stuff around the house (i.e. blog the picture!). If I keep up this pace and make four per day, I'll be set with a quilt or wall hanging or table runner or table cloth or or or or or very soon. :)


Linda said...

Strings rule! Yours are great.

patitolubi said...

Amazing :)


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