Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful celebration to welcome 2012. I have lots of hopes for this year, one of which is to spend more time sewing. This year these two little adorable faces have definitely been a distraction/deterrent. Especially that little one who is into everything and wants to take apart my sewing machine anytime he sees it. He looks like trouble, doesn't he? ;)

Today that little darling took a 3.25 hour nap (!!) and I got motivated to use some of my scrap pile and make some string blocks. I love these blocks and I love scrap quilts. I was able to make four blocks today. I'm not sure where this project is headed - I don't know if I want to make a large quilt or a small wall hanging or what. I figure I'll make these blocks until I get sick of making them and decide at that point. I probably have enough scraps to make a king-sized quilt if I get on a roll. ;)

In other news... I've also become a bit of a Pinterest addict. If you'd like to check out my boards and pins, I'm at .

And if you've heard of Pinterest but haven't joined, trust me all the fuss you've heard is worthwhile - WHAT a fun, wonderful, inspiring, amazing place to collect photos and links to anything and everything you are interested in. It's super easy to use and such a great resource. I'm currently daydreaming of the house we are building. Decorating, organizing, arranging. And a designated sewing/craft room to dream about, too!

Happy 2012!

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