Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The New Place & A New Pet

We are all moved in to the new house and getting settled. Today I finally unpacked my 142 boxes of fabric (*okay, not really, but holy smokes I didn't realize how much of a hoarder collector I have become). I have a re-purposed glass cabinet to use for fabric and I devoted this one to my collection of vintage sheets. I already had a bunch, and then I adopted a bunch more from Janice. I have an insane amount of fabric now. I thought it looked very pretty all sorted, so here are some pictures.

Pinks, oranges, whites...

Greens, blues, purples...

Scrap basket and a finished baby quilt up top.

And the bottom shelves have A LOT of larger sheets - some of them haven't even been cut into yet!

I'm very much looking forward to getting back into sewing and have serious plans to make some quilts for donation with this amazing collection of fabric. I actually had my machine cleaned and serviced while we were moving and it's begging me to mess it up again. I'm hoping to find a babysitter one day next week so I can spend a few uninterrupted hours sewing in our new house.

On a different note...

One of my favorite discoveries in the new place has been our new pet. There's a sweet little dove that has made a nest in one of the hanging planters in the back yard. She has two little eggs in there and has been taking good care of them. The kids and I have been keeping a close eye on her and my 5-year-old has named her Mrs. Rachel Flower Featherbutter. I can't wait to see her babies once they hatch.

From what I can tell from a quick Google search, dove eggs typically incubate for 14-18 days and then stay in the nest for another couple of weeks. We noticed the first egg on the 26th of March, so we may see babies sometime next week. I am enjoying having a new pet that requires zero money and zero clean-up.

P.S. My husband is a hunter and I've already asked him not to shoot Mrs. Rachel Flower Featherbutter come September 1st. ;)

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Barbara said...

Beautiful collection of fabrics. Fun to show them as art.


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