Monday, April 18, 2011

Money Wallets

I'm one of those people who wakes up at night when I am under stress and anxiety - especially about money. Getting our finances in order has been so good for me. I'm super excited and proud to say that, as of this month, we are completely debt free! It's so wonderful and feels awesome to know that we aren't paying any of our money in interest payments. No credit cards, no car payments, no "bad debt."

We are following Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, which means we are paying with cash (actual paper money, not debit/atm cards). Each month, we put cash into separate envelopes - food, household supplies, gas, vehicle repairs, restaurants, clothing, fun money, etc. When the money is gone, it's gone. Which means no opportunity to overspend.

When I came across a pattern for these envelopes on Etsy, I was very excited (way cuter than one of those plastic coupon sorters from the office supply store). These fabric envelopes are so cute and very easy to make fit our budget. This week, I finallllllly got to do some sewing (YAY for finally being unpacked!). I made ten of these envelopes, all using scraps of my black and white fabrics.

Isn't that a handsome stack of envelopes?

Paper and coins fit just perfectly inside. Each envelope will soon have a label (still working on those) and will be kept in our safe.

It's a little strange to spend cash. Most cashiers are not used to it and it's not fun to watch it go away (way different than an atm card where you don't actually see or feel the cash). But it's super rewarding to come in under budget and to see the cash piling up in the "fun" envelopes, little by little.


Laurel H. said...

Congratulations on being debt free! The stylish money wallets even encourage you to stay that way, yes?

Barbara said...

Live is good debt free. Congratulations and how wonderful you make thrifty look so chic!


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