Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whole Cloth Bird Quilt

This is a small whole-cloth quilt I sewed for some close friends who are expecting a baby in May. They painted her nursery a bumble-gum pink and then were struggling to find bedding to match. When they came to visit, I showed them this bird fabric I bought from Beverly's months ago. I didn't have a project in mind for it, but looooved the fabric and had to have it. Apparently it was meant to be! Aren't these birdies cute?

The back is a vintage sheet that was given to me by Janice, an online friend I got to know through the Vintage Sheet Quilting Bee. She had a bunch of fabric that she needed to get rid of and I happily asked to be the new home. This pink and orange fabric was just the perfect compliment to the birds.

I used the same vintage fabric for the binding.

I'll be making another quilt for this baby soon after we move. Her "real" quilt is next on the agenda, this one just sneaked in since we wanted her to have a bed quilt to match her room. :)


Barbara said...

Very nice. I love how you mix new and vintage fabrics.

Veronica and Victoria Williams said...

I absolutely love that bird fabric you used. Bright colors are so much fun!

Heather Rae said...

It looks like you manage to machine quilt the back of some of your quilt bindings? Do you mind sharing your secret? As a new quilter and sewer, I recently asked my local quilt shop if there was an alternative to the hand binding and was disappointed to hear a no.

His and Hernandez said...

what's this fabric called???? I love it!!!!!!!!


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