Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am a little out of sorts with the move and all of the packing. It's hard to move with two kids "helping." I have a feeling unpacking may be entertaining, since I have already caught them sneaking things into boxes (including toys, random pieces of paper, and cheerios).

Anyway, being so busy with packing, I haven't allowed myself any time to create, which has been very hard on my state of mind. I have completed a small whole-cloth quilt for a friend, but I will wait to show those pictures until after the quilt is delivered.

In the meantime, I think hexagons might be the thing that saves me! I used this tutorial and have been doing some hand-sewing (a first for me). This is a great project for me right now because it is super simple, requires almost no tools (that have all been packed away...), and uses scrap fabrics (which I have a ton of!). I have no idea what I'll use the hexagons for, maybe a placemat or table runner, but I think they're cute and they are fun to make.

Some of the scraps waiting to be "hexagoned." :)


Barbara said...

Great project to do without all the 'tools'.

Do you use photoshop to adjust your photos? Do you also use a specific filter add on or something. Or would that be giving away your photography tricks?

I have photoshop (not PSE but an older full version) and would love to know how you give your photo's that dreamy look.

Barbara said...

And I'm not talking about your portrait pictures especially just what I would use on my blog. My photos look so dull and dark.

Kathy said...

I too am making hexagons for my friendship challenge this year. I have made at least 150 and do not have a planned project, but like the table topper shown on the blog tutorial you referenced. I purchased the papers which are a little heavier than regular copy paper and should be able to use up to three times. I can see that using the lighter paper pattern allows one to stitch thur to the top of the fabric. This is slightly different than the instructions I received at Road 2 California last January. I can't wait to see your finished project. I enjoy your blog very much.


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