Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nursing Cover and Burp Cloths

With my first child, I was very shy about nursing in front of other people. I'd often retreat to a bedroom or somewhere out of eyesight for feedings. Part of the challenge was she rarely held still (still doesn't!) and her little flailing arms would constantly knock the blanket down, exposing my flesh for all to see.

With this baby coming, I started looking around for a nursing cover (aka "hooter hider"). For $30-35, I could buy one from Target. Wait a minute? $30?! And for a fabric that I didn't really care for?

So... you guessed it, I decided to sew one instead. I bought about a yard of fabric with my 40% off coupon at Joann's. I sat down on our couch and figured out how long I thought it should be and cut the fabric into a rectangle big enough to cover me + baby. I hemmed the edges under and added a simple neck strap. I also added a cute pocket (with scraps from the nursing pillow cover) to hold extra nursing pads and some lip balm (a major necessity last time!). And, of course, some ric-rac. Poof! I have a custom nursing cover for about $5 in fabric costs.

And... being that I am still on a ric-rac and black-and-white kick, I also embellished some burp cloths with black ric-rac to complete the set.

Two VERY easy projects and saving a bunch of money. What can be better?

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Janice said...

That is a beautiful nursing cover! I love the pocket you added to the outside. I bought fabric for covers a couple weeks ago and it is still sitting on the table staring at me! Maybe this will inspire me to get sewin'!


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