Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pillow Cover

Can you tell I am nesting? I am 8 months pregnant and very inspired to get everything crafted and done and ready for our baby boy. Since I am stalled on the baby's quilt (I need fabric for the binding), I decided to work on a cover for our "boppy." If you are a recent new mom, chances are you've heard all the fuss about boppy pillows. It's basically a snuggly C-shaped pillow. They're great for newborns and for breastfeeding. Although I didn't care for it with breastfeeding my first child, I did love it for sitting her in and for tummy time. And for photos. Hmm, imagine that? : )

Anyway, our old boppy cover was decidely girly, so I opted to make a cover for it with some classic black-and-white cotton. And some ric rac because I'm loving ric rac right now. Total expense (not including the pillow) was just the cost of 1 yard of fabric (plus a scrap piece of ric rac). Sure beats the $19.99 to $24.99 price tag at Target!

The back has a quick zipper sewn in to complete the cover and make it very washable.

1 comment:

Kelly O. said...

How did you go about this? was there a tutorial?
It looks great!


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