Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Quilt Top

My baby boy's quilt top is complete!

Actually, it has been for a while now. It's been delayed for two reasons. First, I really want to do free-motion quilting on this one and I don't didn't know how. So I've paused in the middle of the quilt to learn and practice. Delay # 2 is that I am far too pregnant to sandwich a quilt. My typical method involves some back-breaking work on the kitchen floor and I just can't do it with this bowling ball-sized belly of mine. So I've been waiting patiently, begging, and trying to bribe my wonderful husband to sandwich the quilt for me (he's helped me before and is actually quite skilled in this arena, a talent he is not at all interested in possessing). He's promised to take care of it tonight, so the quilt top and backing are ironed and waiting on the dining room table.

I made this with two charm packs of Moda's Arcadia fabric, along with some other fabric thrown in (including the polka dots, which will be the crib sheet in the baby's room). The design is Moda's FREE Stacked Coins Quilt Tutorial. I love FREE! It was actually very simple to make. The most difficult part was arranging the 100+ rectangles in a way that looks random. Once that part was complete, the quilt top took less than an hour to sew - not bad at all! I will definitely be using this pattern again someday.

I'm hoping to begin the quilting this weekend - hopefully I will have progress to show very soon! Mommy is "nesting" and I want my baby's quilt and nursery to be all set for our little guy. I have about 9 weeks left until my due date, and about 5 weeks until he's considered "full-term" and the doctor won't try to stop labor. Woah baby!

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Kelly O. said...

That is beautiful and I can't wait to see your mobile!


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