Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is my last 20-something birthday. I'm having a very relaxing, mellow day and reflecting on life in general. I found this list and thought this might be a fun tradition to start on birthdays. A little word picture of who I am today.

I am… a proud mommy of a 3-year-old and have another baby on the way.

I want… to splurge on new camera lenses.

I have… so much to be grateful for.

I wish… for happy, healthy children.

I know… less and less the older I get.

I hate… pickles.

I fear… for my children’s health and safety.

I hear… the passing of an airplane.

I crave… hamburgers, cake, and anything sweet.

I search… for artistic inspiration every day.

I always… have a camera nearby.

I usually… wash my feet before bedtime.

I am not… a cook.

I miss… my Sonoma County friends and family.

I love… my little family.

I never… expected to be a quilting mommy living in a small farming community.

I rarely… stay up past 10pm.

I cry… when I think about how much I love my children.

I lose… my mind when there is too much noise.

I should… exercise more.

I worry… about money more than I need to.

I dream… of quilts.


Camille said...

Thanks, and happy birthday to you too! Definitely a good day to be born. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Kelly O. said...

Happy Birthday!
Love that list idea, must remember to steal that idea next year :)

ayumills said...

happy belated birthday!
I love your lists about you.
It shows how sweet you are.


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