Thursday, January 29, 2009


My little girl turns three next month. I can hardly believe it, except for this talking, opinionated, clever, funny little person who is in my world. Ready or not, she's growing up before my eyes. Each day she picks up a new skill, a new piece of independence.

And, quilt-wise, it's pretty obviously she's outgrowing me there, too. Her baby quilts - once so spacious and snugly - are getting too short and she definitely needs an upgrade. And since a big girl bed is also on the horizon, I am making my first attempt at a twin-sized quilt. Yep, there's no denying that growth and change are coming my way.

This week, I've spend a lot of time cutting up somewhere around 10-12 yards of fabric into three-inch strips. Pretty perfect, if you ask me, given the number of birthday candles that will be on her cake.

I'm planning to use the Bento Box pattern I used on Anna's quilt. I loved that pattern and that quilt and I think it will be wonderful in some bright colors.

Here's to three! Now let's see if I can finish it in two weeks (I'm guessing "no." I'm also guessing that three year olds don't really care about punctuality too much).

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