Wednesday, November 29, 2017

'Tis the Season

I made a new pillow for our bedroom. We've had the same throw pillows for over twelve years, so I am so happy to have a much needed update. I'd like to make a second one sometime soon. This is 2.25 inch strips pieced using this technique (and calculator paper!) and an 18" pillow form

purple scrappy pillow
purple scrappy pillow

Thanksgiving in the orchard. 
I was on it this year and had our cards ready and in the mail the day after Thanksgiving! Woohoo!
Here's our card this year. I didn't get a picture, but I practiced my fancy lettering on the addresses and sealed the envelopes with washi tape

And then... time for a Christmas tree! 
It took us a couple of days to get it decorated. I'm so grateful my kids are old enough to help now, because I just can't do it myself anymore. I fatigue so quickly! #mssucks
Our new kitten loves quilts, especially the box of quilts we keep in the living room! It's a good thing that she is so cute because she is trying to TEAR UP our Christmas tree! I've forgotten what it's like to have a kitten in the house... almost as fun as a toddler. 
More Christmas decor! I have *LOVED* having this letter board for the last few months. It's so much fun! This is a quote from our favorite Christmas movie, Elf, and was my way of announcing movie night to our kids. I've had my eye on these letters in other colors, too. 
My friend Mary was so sweet and knitted a tiny little sweater for our Elf on the Shelf. LOVE! He looks so handsome and cozy!  :)  We have so much fun with this tradition... it has honestly become one of our favorite parts of this time of year. 
I wanted a wreath for our door this year, but they're so expensive! So I made one with some leftover ornaments, an inexpensive wreath, and A LOT of hot glue sticks

Ornament selfie!  :) 

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