Friday, October 7, 2016

Art in Chicago

We recently went for our 3rd trip to Chicago for the clinical trial I am participating in. To learn more about my disease and participation in this trial, please visit

While we were in Chicago, we spent a few hours at the Art Institute. Here are a few iPhone photos of some of my favorites. 

Monet, of course. This is Water Lily Pond (1917/19). 
The detail is mesmerizing. 

This was my favorite of the Monet pieces. It is titled “Bordighera” (1884).  

And Georgia O’Keeffe is always a favorite for me. “Green Mountains, Canada” (1932)
 It was very humbling to see statues from so very long ago. This is “Head of a Girl” from late 3rd/2nd century B.C.  It is so amazing to see these in person and see how much detail remains from artwork from thousands of years ago. 

After the art institute, we visited the Buckingham Fountain. So beautiful, especially with the Chicago skyline behind it.  

The rare selfie! We try and treat these trips like getaways and sneak some sightseeing and “date nights” in between the medical appointments and tests. This was just before going for blood tests and MRIs of my brain. Woohoo! Weird “date.”  : ) 
The following day, we visited the Navy Pier and found a stained glass museum. It contained about a dozen original Tiffany glass pieces from the late 1800’s. SO beautiful. 

I think this one was my favorite. It was titled the Rapelye Memorial and dates from 1880. So exactly 100 years older than me.  : )

 Here is some of the detail. The colors and shapes are so so beautiful. 

Thanks for reading. And again, if you would like more information about my battle with multiple sclerosis or why I am doing this clinical trial, please visit the You Caring page.  XOXO!

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