Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A little of this, a little of that...

It’s been a busy summer! Not busy sewing, but busy none-the-less!

The first picture is actually sewing! I made this pillow for my friend Patti. She helped housesit for us while we were on vacation, which is no easy favor since we live pretty far out in the country. She loves B&W and red, so I made her a little pillow. She’s a truly great friend to me. She always says yes when I ask for help and has even driven me 45 minutes (one way!) to my treatments and waited patiently while I am poked and prodded. Most visits take between 2-3 hours, plus travel time, so this is no small task! She’s also babysat my kids, picked us up from the airport, and countless other favors. She’s a rock star! I wish I had the energy to make her a whole quilt. 

If you’re curious about my MS and clinical trial story, you can read more here:

Speaking of vacation, while we were away, I took some time to paint with watercolors. Here are a couple of my creations... 

 We camped for a couple of weeks, during which time I had my birthday. We went whale watching out of Santa Cruz. I painted this little whale on a thank you card for my dad (who was able to meet us for the boat ride) and step-mom.
While we were in Santa Cruz, we also took the kids to the Boardwalk (of course) and played mini-golf, too. I spent most of the day in my wheelchair, which made it much easier so I didn’t get fatigued or end up in pain by the end of the day. 

My husband surprised me by extending our camping trip to include the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Sonoma County (my family lives in Santa Rosa). I LOVE hot air balloons and this event is very special since that is where my husband proposed to me a little over fifteen years ago. 

This balloon reminded me of a quilt with it’s cute star in the middle. I definitely have a hot air balloon quilt on my to-do list once I’m feeling a bit better. 

We actually went back to Sonoma County for the 3rd and 4th of July with my family. It was lovely to wear sweaters and coats while watching fireworks! 

The kids and I made some new 4th of July shirts (they sadly outgrew their old ones...). We used homemade stamps and fabric paint. 

Fun weekend, great weather, and lots of amazing fireworks shows. 

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