Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crafty this week!

I've completed quite a few little projects this week. First, this little "Welcome" sign, made with a recycled piece of pallet wood. I like it leaning up casually near our front door. I might make another one for at the end of our very long dirt driveway - a little hint that you are, indeed, going the right direction.  : ) 
 Second is another piece of recycled wood, inspired by a sign by this blogger that I found on Pinterest. This is for the backyard and will probably hang this on the patio, or maybe near the kids' swingset... haven't decided yet. I do love the rainbow of colors.
And last is a little blue and white pillow. I pulled out my old pattern for the rail fence quilt - the first quilts I ever made! I love this variation in blues and whites. 
Happy Fall! 

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