Saturday, August 10, 2013

Swoon Blocks (In Progress)

I recently started Camille Roskelley's Swoon Quilt. I loooove these blocks. I finished block #4 today... two more to go!

Here's block #1... two of my most favorite fabrics ever!  
Block #2...

Block #3, which I'm not terribly sure about. I don't love the way this blue looks with the periwinkle in block #1 and I'm bummed that the green doesn't contrast very well with the white. This may be pulled out to use with a future project - not sure it will get to stay in this quilt.  : (

And block #4 which I LOVE! I love this purple fabric so much and it's such a perfect mix with turquoise. 
I shared this one on instagram - I can't believe how well those shapes lined up (in the purple). Bet I couldn't do that again if I tried! ; )

And my four (so far) blocks together. I really really really can't wait to see them all together. (Spoiler alert: more turquoise coming up!).  
More soon (I hope I hope!). 

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