Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rainbow Star Quilt

 My rainbow star quilt is complete! The mother's group I am in met for a craft night last night and I was able to get the quilting done (in between chatting, snacks, and coffee!). 

This quilt is made from some of my favorite vintage sheets and was inspired by this quilt block and my beloved sewing machine cover. I'm thrilled at how well my points lined up. After 55 quilts, might I assume I finally have the hang of this sewing thing?!

Nice points, 'eh?

 The binding is an adorable gray chevron print and the quilting was done with white thread in a my favorite meandering free-motion. 
 The back is a lovely soft floral vintage sheet. 

It's happily at home in my sewing room. I hung it up to take pictures before I've even washed it...... I love it so much I don't want to take it down even for an hour to run it through the wash. Maybe tomorrow.  ; )
Rainbow Star Quilt Vintage Linens

Now I'm off to have dental surgery on a tooth that I somehow managed to crack in my sleep last week. Wish me luck (and good painkillers!). 


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful quilt. To make a quilt for quilters do that??? LOL

I am going to hit my vintage sheet stash and see about making something for me.

blessings, jill

Jenny said...



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