Sunday, February 17, 2013

Art Party

My little girl turned 7 last week. We had an "Art Party" at Color Me Mine. Here's the invite, which I made in PhotoShop and had printed at our local Staples. They did a great job and the color turned out beautiful!
birthday party rainbow invitation

 She was so excited to go to the pottery painting place (one of her favorite treats!) with all of her cousins and friends.
She painted a nightlight and a little horse. 
She had asked for rainbow cupcakes. Not sure how to do that, I opted for skittles. It turned out cute and was relatively easy (although a little time consuming). 

On her actual birthday, my husband was able to take the day off work and we went to Sequoia National Park for a snow day. Here's a self-timer photo of the four of us. Mia was very cold, so she didn't last very long (and note the giant gloves - hers were too cold so she ended up borrowing her dad's!). 

Although we didn't actually play in the snow very long, we did get to do a little exploring and loved the beautiful views. Such a pretty park!

My "self portrait" from the day.  : )

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