Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mia's Quilt is Nearly Done

My daughter was home sick from school for three days this week. She didn't have anything serious, just a mild fever. But with this terrible flu going around, I didn't want to take any chances of exposing her to something worse while her immune system was compromised. So she and her 99.4° fever stayed home. On the last day, she was feeling better and we took some time to work on the quilt she started last Summer. 

She's nearly 7-years-old now. She did great sewing, although quite slow and cautious. She sat on my lap so I could run the pedal for her. It was a very nice bonding experience, despite the nearly constant annoyance of her hair in my mouth and nose (she cannot hold still!). She got the quilt top done, I sandwiched it for her, and she began the straight-line quilting. She's about 1/2-way done with the quilting - so the end is near!

She can't wait to finish the quilt and give it to her kitten.  

Teaching a child how to make a quilt has been pretty fun, very heartwarming, and a good lesson in patience. It's veeeeeery time consuming. But I am honored that she's interested and know this first quilt will be something we will cherish for many, many years to come (if her kitten doesn't demolish it!). 

More to come soon!

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