Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blue & Gray Chevrons Quilt

I finished a quilt yesterday! This is for a friend from my mother's group who is expecting a baby boy this month. I was lucky enough to photograph their family for maternity photos and family portraits. You can see those photos by linking here to my photo blog. And hopefully I can snap a few of the baby enjoying his quilt later this month!Blue and gray chevrons made from half-square-triangles. I forgot to measure it before giving it away, but I believe it's about 30" x 35". 

 I quilted along the lines of the chevron patterns. The back is a soft gray pattern and the binding is solid gray.


legato1958 said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love the grays and blues you used.
So pretty!!

What pattern did you use to make the chevrons? I have a bunch of gray 5" squares ,from Shades of Grey, and now know what I want to make with them!


HotPinkThread said...

There is no pattern needed to do chevrons, just sew all the blocks as half square triangles!


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