Friday, August 20, 2010


There are surprise babies and then there are SURPRISE!!!! babies. This is definitely a big one! My husband's cousin recently found out she is pregnant. She went to the doctor and found out she was a little further along than she expected. How far? 34 weeks! As in, 8 months pregnant. As in, the baby is due NEXT MONTH! It's so hard to believe, so unreal. Last night, they had a surprise shower for her to celebrate and prepare for this little bundle who will be here so very soon. I was happy to make a quilt for the baby, and happy to whip it up in time for the baby shower.

Stipple quilting made for a lovely crinkly quilt after washing.

The back and binding are in a sweet baby blue fabric.

I am trying to be better about labeling my quilts so future generations will know where they came from. I've tried a few different methods lately (more on that coming soon after the other quilts are delivered). On this one, I used a fabric pen to write directly on the quilt. I like the simplicity of it and that it doesn't draw too much attention, but after the stipple quilting and washing, it's a little too crinkly and hard to read. Still a work in progress to find the labeling method that will work for me.

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Laurel H. said...

Seriously? Someone was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT and didn't know? Good gravy. Well, you are a good cousin, to have stitched something up so quickly that's so cute! I think your cousin just may need all the help she can get!


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