Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Fabric Placemats

I used some of my vintage floral fabrics to make two placemats for my daughter.

The blue is my favorite... lots of pretty florals - 3" squares - set on point.

The back is also vintage fabrics...

The pink is also 3" squares. I actually made this one first, per my daughter's request.

The back on this one is the bright vintage fabric I bought a few months ago.

I bound both of these in white, which I am hoping I won't regret. Maybe we won't use these placemats on spaghetti night?

I have plans to make a green and a yellow version, too. My daughter's favorite color is green, so I know that would make her very happy.


Colleen said...

These are so "summery". I love them :)

Barbara said...

Those are very pretty, almost too pretty to use.

Jeanne said...

Really nice, did you put batting inside or what did you use for "Stuffing"?

Evelyn said...

LOVE these! They are so pretty!! Can't wait to see the yellow and green... And now I think I might want to make some too. :-)


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