Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best of the Valley Quilt Show

I almost forgot to post these photos! My darling family loves me so much that they were willing to attend the Best of the Valley Quilt Show with me a few weeks ago. I took pictures of some of the quilts that jumped out at me. What a fun show! You can see the list of award winners here and the official web site here.

I am very inspired by all of the landscape quilts I saw. Many of them were so very detailed that they looked more like a photo or a painting than something made of fabric. Beautiful!

Pretty trees!

I loved this beautiful tree. We arrived too late to vote, but this one would have received my vote.

Check out that embroidery detail! Swooooon...

Love the soft curves on this one - and the quilting! Oh my!

The vibrant colors of this one stole my heart - and I love the shapes in the skyline.

If I am remembering correctly, I think this one was hand-quilted. Oh my! Beautiful and inspiring - the Dresden plate quilts are on my "to-do list."

My daughter was thrilled that this quilt matched her wardrobe.

I loved the black-and-white them (imagine that!) and loved the little splash of color, too.

Pretty dolphins! I took this for a friend who is crazy about quilts and dolphins. I have a feeling Ambyr will go crazy for this one!

A values quilt! We all know that I am a fan!

Love these curves, too! And the colors. Yummy!

I have a little crush on this owl applique (this was in the Quilter's Paradise booth). Isn't he cute?

And the shopping. Oh the shopping! My husband was very sweet and didn't even flinch when I picked up a few new FQs for my obsession.

It was a great show and I am so glad we had a chance to check it out. Next year, I hope I'll be able to spend A LOT more time there.


Evelyn said...

Thanks for the pictures - that pink tree quilt really is beautiful. I think it would have been my favorite too! That red and white one would have made me dizzy. :)

Barbara said...

I think that next year you need to enter a quilt or two!


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