Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Sew Handmade Nursery

The nursery is done!

Baby's quilt and matching polka-dot sheets...

Russell finished assembling the bird mobile last night (idea and pattern from Spool Sewing). I love it! I sewed all of the birds with scraps from the baby's quilt. My husband did a great job attaching them to the branches and keeping them balanced. I think we did great work together - I love how it turned out!

I also ordered these cute bird wall decals from DaliDecals on Love them! I ordered in dark brown and tan (12 total) and I love the contrast on the light blue walls.

The rocking chair and pillow I made (also from scraps from the baby's quilt). My sister came last week and painted the mirrors on the wall (and helped with decor... thanks, Amee!).

Baby's dresser - filled with lots and lots of hand-me-downs.

The cute artwork from Art & Philanthropy (also

More artwork from Art & Philanthropy - these cute cards are on the small wall just inside the room. We hung them on tiny clothes pins and I love how they turned out.

I am at the beginning of my 9th month and have already started having regular contractions and am dilated to 1cm. The hospital bags are packed, the room is done. We still need to install the baby's car seat, stock up on diapers, and decide for sure on a name. And we're trying to plan a "date night" to celebrate our last freedom for at least a little while.

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Janice said...

Everything looks SO beautiful! I love the soft colors and the bird mobile turned out so well. I am impressed that your hubby had the patience to balance them! I am also determined to make a coin quilt, if I ever get through my stack of projects!


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