Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last One

My husband is becoming concerned that I have an addiction. I made *another* quilt for the new baby. It's very small (about 25" square) and made to be used in the car seat and stroller.

I liked the idea of using all black-and-white because newborn's vision is limited to high contrast colors. I remember our daughter gazing at B&W photos we had framed in our bedroom - she was fascinated. Hopefully this baby will like the contrast, too.

The binding and backing is in a lime green.

I added a very simple ric-rac loop to the binding edge to help keep the quilt from falling off the car seat / stroller. We can also use it to clip on toys / pacifiers as he gets a little older.

And, to make sure the size was just right, I borrowed our daughter's teddy bear to put in the car seat. Which reminded me that we used this same teddy bear before she was born to figure out the seat belts in her infant seat! Here we go again!

I am 36 weeks now... at my doctor's appointment last week, I was 1cm dilated and I am feeling like our little guy might make his arrival any day now. I'll keep you posted! He definitely has a lot of quilts to help him feel welcome!


Kyra said...

Last one? yeah right! This one was so cute I had to click over to your page and leave a comment. I love it!

Rebecca said...

I saw this on pinterest and loved it! I also LOVE the carseat. What brand is it? Thank you!


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