Saturday, April 11, 2009

Floral Quilt

I started another quilt this weekend - same pattern as the last quilt. And three that I completed at Christmastime.

I'm not sure if I should consider myself in a rut since this is my 5th quilt in this pattern. Or if I just like the pattern? It's nice for big print fabrics since the cuts are big and it's very quick to make, which is an added bonus. And these fabrics in particular are floral prints that I would have been sad to cut into small pieces and destroy the blooms.

At this point, I'm not exactly sure of the destination for this quilt. I am toying with the idea of a throw-blanket size for the couch, but I think the fabrics may be a little too bright for our home. Or perhaps two baby girl quilts? Not sure yet... just happily making lots of blocks and will see where they end up.


MandMStudio said...

Love those colors:)

Kyra said...

oooh those are pretty!

Kelly O. said...

Hi Jodie,
I've been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy seeing your projects. I am new to quilting and to blogging. I can't wait to get going when I see what you have created.
I have wanted to comment on your blog for some time but never could because I didn't have a blog--until now :)
there is a sheet swap just finishing up at Chaletgirl (her link is on my blog) but I know Sheridan might be thinking of doing another.
Can't wait to see your next project.
Kelly O.


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