Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lil' Projects

With The Quilt finally completed, I have some freedom to select some new projects. And, given the length of time that quilt took me, I really wanted something(s) that I could start and finish quickly and get back into the swing of actually accomplishing things. At the same time, I wanted to try something new. The solution? Bibs! I love using bibs to experiment because they are quick, easy to make, and low-risk - there's no fear of making mistakes. Plus, my daughter desperately needs more bibs.

With these, I really wanted to try using ric-rac. I've seen some adorable quilts with ric-rac, but I've been too chicken to try it myself.

This one didn't have any ric-rac, but it's still pretty.

And lastly, this was actually Mia's request - butterflies! Again, no ric-rac, just a simple bib.

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