Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ten in '08

I completed TEN quilts in 2008 (*compared to two quilts in 2007). Compiling them all together for this photo brought back a lot of memories of people I love who were the recipients. The only quilt I've kept is the black and white one in the middle, which gets a lot of love around here, especially this time of year. In addition to quilts, I made three bags/purses this year (small, medium, and large sizes) and a handful of bibs. I also tried to sew a dress for my daughter, that worked but wasn't ideal (I didn't use a pattern).

For 2009...

1) I'd like to make a total of twelve quilts this year. Judging by my interest in my new hobby and the amount of fabric I have piling up in my little cabinet (!), I think twelve is a very reasonable goal this year. I have four going right now, all to be completed in January (two are done as of this week ~ photos coming soon!).
2) Learn how to make an applique of an animal or a monogram on a quilt or quilt back.
3) Learn how to do free motion stippling on a quilt.
4) Practice appliqueing on a child's t-shirt.
5) Sew a dress or a skirt for my daughter.
6) Find a better way to photograph my quilts. Pinning them to the wall just isn't cutting it.
7) Make a Christmas quilt or a table runner before the 2009 Holidays.

I've loved all I've learned this year and it's been fun to see my abilities and confidence grow. I can't wait to see what 2009 looks like.

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