Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fabric Exchange

I was so excited to participate in Oh Fransson's Vintage Sheet Swap. Crafters from pretty much around the world were on a mission to find and cut up vintage sheets in funky and fun prints. Then we all sent them to a very organized lady in Oregon who sorted and redistributed the fabric back to us. In total: 2,314 fat quarters (18"x22" pieces of fabrics to use in quilts and other projects) in 318 prints from 72 swappers - one of them being me! I contributed 48 pieces of fabric in 8 prints that I found at a local thrift store.

My fabric contributions (I couldn't resist... I saved some for myself, too):

And today I got an email that my box of fabric has shipped. I am absolutely beside myself to see what is coming... a box full of mystery fabric, delivered to my door? Heaven! Plus, they are posting project ideas and instructions on the Oh Fransson blog for inspiration.

I'm VERY interested in doing something like this again, so please let me know if you hear of anything. What fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie.
I was at a store the other day and I thought of you. It is a store that carries items that are returned to Costco, as they do not put their returned items back on their shelves. Anyway.... they have all kinds of STUFF in this store, and they have a ton of fabric folded in to little squares. I don't think it is very expensive, and I don't know if you would even like the patterns. But, I know you have a passion for fabric, and you should with your talent. I would love to pick it up for you and send it if you are interested. Just a thought. Let me know! You are a true talent. You do absolute beautiful work. It is all gorgeous, and keep doing what you're doing. I've always wanted a a quilt. What would you charge to make one?

Bethany said...

Hi, I just stumbled on to your blog while looking for fabric exchanges. I am not having much luck. Do you know where or how to go about joining one?


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