Saturday, May 4, 2019

More Books

I am such a bookworm lately! I also have some quilts-in-progress, so I promise to post those, too!

First, my favorite combo is coffee and books, and I recently got an at-home espresso machine that I am in love with! I've wanted one for years and finally took the plunge. It's amazing! It's essentially a Keurig that makes espresso for lattes, mochas, etc. I may never leave the house again! I chose the Nespresso Inissia with the milk frother. 

After my last book post, I finished My Dear Hamilton, which is by the same author as America's First Daughter. I really enjoy learning about American history through these perspectives, although I felt like My Dear Hamilton was just a touch too long. It was interesting and gave a very different perspective of Jefferson than the America's First Daughter's point of view.

It All Comes Back to You... Okay, if I'm honest, I big part of why I read this book is because of the cover. Is this not beautiful?! Thankfully, I also really enjoyed the book.  It's a beautiful story about two women and the very interesting lives they have led and how they end up connecting. I could see this being made into a TV show or a movie. 

Next was Queen of Hearts and another beautiful cover! This was a fun read and reminded me a lot of Grey's Anatomy (so much so that I researched it and the author said she has not watched that show!). It's about two best friends who go through medical school together. Lots of fun antidotes and behind-the-scenes of what it's like to be a young doctor. 

Where the Forest Meets the Stars was a beautiful book about a broken woman, recovering from illness and loss. A young girl shows up and appears to be a runaway, but describes herself as an alien and won't tell anyone where she lives. The two together are adorable and this was a sweet read. This would be a beautiful movie!

The Thirteenth Tale was a book my book club chose. It was a little long, but an interesting story about several peculiar families and the secrets they kept for years and years. 

Daisy Jones & The Six was one I read because I kept seeing this book recommended on Facebook and Instagram. It's set in the 70's and tells the stories of a band "The Six" and a troubled singer/songwriter "Daisy Jones." The book was so well done and it really felt like reading about true people. The style of the book is also interesting - it's written almost as if you're reading an interview with the seven musicians describing the life and events that led to the band's success. This would make a great beach or vacation read! AND Reese Witherspoon and Amazon are making this into a series!

Next Year in Havana is a grandmother and granddaughter and their different experiences in Havana, Cuba. This was a really interesting history book about the complicated issues facing Cuba. There's also a second book that was just released, When We Left Cuba, detailing a sister's very different perspective.

Last is an older book that I recently came across and really loved called The Language of Flowers. This was a beautiful story of an orphaned newborn and her journey through foster homes before and her struggle to find her place in the world. She learns that flowers all have meanings, dating back to Victorian times. Using these meanings, she finds her purpose. The book is set in San Francisco and northern California, where I grew up, so it was fun for me to picture the vineyards and flower farms described in the book. I loved this book, almost as much as Where the Crawdads Sing

Homebody by Joanna Gaines is such a great book! So many beautiful photos and the quality of this book is so good. It was great to read.

Next up is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, which I started yesterday and I'm already hooked! Then The League of Wives and Before She Knew Him

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